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¥776 millipede. all my best intentions. cd. september2k9



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coming storm *.mp3
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30,000 *.mp3
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don hill has been creating dark ambient music under the moniker porteur de l'image since 1998. while he was exploring new music-software, yet unexpected options of his musical self-conception opened up and
resulted in millipede. this project has taken on a life of it's own - much more beat-oriented and complex than pdl'i, yet still dark and harsh - a soundtrack for contemplation, as hill explains. with the support of josh pyle (aphorism) and the usage of samples granted by pyle, jan carleklev (sanctum) and angel draganov (polygon ring), millipede's first full-length release sees the light of day: all my best intentions.

millipede lays down a caleidoscope of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an acute sense of memorable tunes which will persist long after each track fades. a panoramic of digital glitch, pounding rhythms and bass lines agglutinated by melodic ambience. add to this the occasional carefully placed application of acoustic guitars, fender rhodes piano and electric bass, a unique and captivating album that crosses
boundaries is the result; not isolated idm, glitch, or dark ambient but a combination of elements of them all and more.

all my best intentions: an intriguing aural journey into what innovative electronic music is truly meant to be - an album of hidden depth and complexity.

vital weekly
american composer don hill has been exploring darker territories of ambient under the name porteur de l'image ovet the years. now the chicago-based artist has released a debut album under the alternative name millipede. compared to the explorations of aforementioned porteur de l'image, don hill as millipede circulates in more beat-driven sound worlds with rhyhtm structures that spans from idm-textures to more discreet pulses of clicking pulses. the overall style still points towards the ambient scene, yet the soundscapes isn't dark or threatening. the strength of milipede is the artists ability of creating deep otherworldy ambience, that sometimes moves into harsher expressions not far away from idm-legends gridlock. anyone interested in gridlock or ambient-driven idm should definitely check this work out. music to dive deeply into. mesmerising! (nm)

enochian apocalypse
it’s astonishing to think that this is a debut album; it’s pure bliss that something comes along like this out of the blue and has the ability to floor me. ‘all my best intentions’ is an incredible fusion of beat driven ambience, electronic wizardry, melancholy and soundtrack driven magic that barely clings to and is so much more than the straight idm moniker that this will be tagged with. opener ‘endless’ kicks things off with a mass of complex rhythms and eastern vocal samples that add a touch of the arcane to the proceedings that match the likes of some of ‘square meter’s work, but it melds perfectly into the mix without overstating itself and like so much of this album isn’t a path that’s crossed again later on; this is the beauty with millipede, whilst there is a certain underlying style that glues this album together you never get the feeling he is repeating himself. chicago’s don hill has a history in dark ambient circles and whilst i expected to hear this, it is only used as a light foundation to the album that occasionally creeps through and adds those black moments that help evolve his simply beautiful pad work into glorious uplifting rays of light, more akin to acts such as ‘desiderii marginis’ for the aficionados out there. where he really lets himself shine is by being more imaginative than many other acts; ‘reoccurring themes in the artists work’ being a fine example of mixing the electronic with the organic as the light guitars hit you with a wash of what feels like a welcome summers afternoon rainstorm. ‘gridlock’ fans should welcome the utterly phenomenal ’30,000’, one of the albums highlights; i repeated this track a few times when i first heard it. it’s a fantastic array of plastic beats with simple but well orchestrated synth work that captures the heart and drags the listener on a journey; it’s infectious, hypnotic and frankly staggering when the volume is cranked up. on reflection there isn’t anything negative i can say about this release at all. i am flabbergasted, impressed and take my hat off to hill for what is for me one of the best debut albums i have heard in ages as it strays near to perfection, and i am sure will be revered as a mini classic in its own right in years to come; awesome. (tony young)

a review in russian language can be found on the machinist's webpage:

chroniques electroniques
l'homme qui se présente aujourd'hui en tant que millipede n'est autre que don hill, autrefois nommé porteur de l'image. on lui doit l'excellent album through a glass darkly, paru en 2003 sur le label epiphany. don hill s'est depuis ouvert à de nouvelles machines et à de nouveaux logiciels pour diffuser un son qu'il décrit lui même comme "une expérience contemplative". all my best intentions est donc son premier album, sorti récemment sur le label référence hymen records. entre dark ambient, industriel et idm, cet album est un exemple en matière de conception minutieuse. le mille-pattes livre ici un opus introspectif d'une rare qualité. on ne compte plus les amas de sonorités métalliques, les beats taillés dans le pneumatique, les nappes pénétrantes et les rythmes "marteaupiqués" à la gueule de l'auditeur. chaque titre jouit de cette synchronisation claire de tous les différents maillons de la chaîne. parfois, des riffs de guitare acoustique retaillés, un fender rhodes ou une basse électrique rocailleuse viennent rendre l'ambience tantôt plus angoissante ou tantôt plus mélancolique. quand on n'est pas littéralement embarqué par les rythmes tortueux de gentle devils ou de l'exceptionnel diplopoda crawl, on cède à la contemplation inquiète sur coming storms, wonder & spirals ou snow crystals. pas de mots pour décrire le sublime et terrifiant deepest peace. la divine version remixée de fermeture, invite elle, aphex twin à bien se tenir. don hill a su s'entourer de pointures tels que josh pyle (aphorism), jan carleklev (sanctum) ou angel draganov (polygon ring) pour livrer cet album extrêmement abouti. même elles pourraient être confondues avec de noirs desseins, on reprendrait bien une bonne tranche de ses "meilleurs intentions". (ed loxapac)

connexion bizarre
this is the first release of porteur de l'image's don hill's side project, millipede. don has been creating music for over 10 years and now has found a home for this magnificent project on hymen records. the auditory terrain of millipede is an uneasy landscape of glitch-ridden drums, ambient pads and thick lows. the album conveys don's desired emotions via thick ethereal melodies and symphonic cascades that carry the listener away. "all my best intentions" moves a little slow for the first three songs but proceeds to hammer home a lovely barrage, both welcoming and menacing, about halfway through; it steeps until the waves of cold and warm tones cannot be held any longer. the first song, "endless" starts as a smooth-rolling song rich with thick pads, ambient stutters and slowly adds tempo via some gritty minimalist drums and ethnic sung samples. "gentle devils" glides through a haze of swooping pads with glitch drums frantically beating the song into a beautiful electro waltz, slinking back beneath the warm atmosphere. "recesses" delves into the depths and sates the appetite for ambient hungers, producing tonals that lurk and strain amidst 8-bit clicks and hard industrial kicks. "diplopoda crawl" slithers with filtered arps, low bass hits and electronic howls under a break beat, rising and falling with momentum and aggression. "conceivor" is an emotional storm of melody and distortion. "coming storm" comes up a little short following "conceivor", until about midway through the song lightning strikes and the drums go wild. "reoccurring themes in the artist's work" is simply beautiful and demonstrates millipede's mastery of style, incorporating simple guitar, heavily filtered and distorted drums, and light melodies. "wonders and spirals" continues in the light ethereal tone of the prior song. "30,000" is a cold landscape of metal beats and hollow pads carried on snowy winds. "song crystals" brings back some dreamlike warmth with liquid harps and minimalist drums on a soft idm ballad. "deepest peace" is a beautiful closer: choir samples soothe the ears while strings pound out a rhythm in space - the rhythm begins to ache towards eruption as hard glitch and clanging kicks carry the song to a soft whisper. the remix of "deepest peace (disturbed as hecq)" is as the names states: hecq turns this peaceful place into a home for hard tech kicks and d'n'b influenced drums and sweeping basslines. my personal favorites from this album are "diplopoda crawl", "reoccurring themes in the artist's work", "deepest peace" and of course, hecq's remix of "deepest peace". this album will have new and old listeners of genre's such as idm, glitch and dark ambient coming back to listen again and again. (james church)

don hill aka millipede has made with all my best intentions an almost perfect mixture of idm, glitch, dark ambient and world music influences which results in an interesting organic sound in the 13 tracks of this album. intelligent use of rhythms and long-stretched drones are accompanied by warm melodies, samples and sounds that range from a sci-fi character at one time and at another moment give you the impression you’re in the bush in africa . the sound is at some moments darker than at others too, which gives the recording as a whole the necessary variation so it keeps sounding interesting. the atmosphere in ‘recesses’ for instance is icy cold and the industrial venom in ‘coming storm’ combined with the eerie synthesizer sounds are clearly present. ’30.000’ is a track that due to the sounds which are used very much reminds of the ambient-techno works of psychick warriors ov gaia. don’t get fooled though since all my best intentions is in character definitely a dark ambient release. the overall colour in this release is grey despite the various colourful elements in the richly scattered sound. the last track also gets a nice remix treatment with some drum 'n bass beats by hecq. a fine recording! (teknoir)

all my best intentions [ant-zen] est le premier album de don hill sous l'identité de millipede. percussionniste au sein de la formation kettleback au milieu des années 90, cet américain monte son premier projet "porteur de l'image" en 1998, mais les sorties physiques se font rares. et c'est onze années plus tard, avec "all my best intentions" que l'américain délivre les secrets qu'il à accumulés toutes ces années durant : depuis les samples bulgares en ouverture sur endless jusqu'au remix de hecq qui ferme l'album, aucune fausse note ne vient ombrager un tableau electro-idm-ambient de haute facture. (betrand hamonou)

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